YD YACHTS After Sale Service

Yacht sales often involve the need of providing after-sale services.

After the completion of the sale, the most important issue (and critical most of the times) for a buyer is the after-sale support.  Legal issues related to the local Authorities, and local technicians’ contact details are the most common.

Nearly all pre-owned boat buyers are planning renovation and/or upgrades on the boats.

Most of our clients are coming from long distance, without any knowledge of the local market.

After many years of experience in the local market, we are well aware of qualified technicians and well named dealers and yacht equipment providers.

We put this knowledge at the buyers’ disposal, by providing contact details of trustable technicians and providers so, they can get a quote directly from them. After the agreement for the services and the equipment they wish to buy, we follow up the process (delivery, installation, paperwork) to ensure that our clients will get what they have paid for.

Furthermore, we always claim from the technicians, records (in writing and/or photos) from all stages of the works.

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