For as long as we have been active as yacht brokers, here at YD Yachts, we have also been providing assistance to our clients in order to help them organize the renovation of their boat.

What we have discovered is that, in most of the cases, the cost for the renovation is not as high as the reduction the buyers would demand in order to purchase the used boat in its current state.

Many yacht sellers lose quite a lot of money just because they do not know the real condition of their boats or they do not realize how some defects can affect the sale price. During the sale process, the Condition Survey can reveal many and usually inexpensive problems that force the buyers to make low offers, fearing that after buying the boat they will have to pay a lot of money to fix them.

We decided to extend and organize it even further and better, with the assistance of qualified surveyors (www.ydyachts.com/survey) on every step, in order to ensure reliable results to yacht owners that desire to sell their boats through YD Yachts, yacht owners that have already trusted us in the past or those who simply wish to upgrade their boat.

We recommend to all potential sellers to organize a Condition Survey, undertaken by qualified marine surveyors. As soon as the seller get the suggestions from the surveyor, we can organize, along with them, the repairs that should be done. Using this method we can show the best condition possible to the prospective buyers without any bad surprises after the purchase.

We can organize almost any repair-renovation, under the supervision of the inspector in charge.

You will find examples of boats that have undertaken the procedure down below.

We would also like to invite yacht owners, whether they have purchased their boat through us or not, to winterize their boats in Greece. The winterization of a vessel here has many advantages. Most days between November and April are usually quite sunny compared to other countries, so the conditions are right for work on board, especially on the deck. Tasks such as painting, welding and reparation or replacement of teak decks and deck fittings can be finished in a short time.

Due to the recent economic crisis, the cost of the labour work has been reduced to easily affordable prices.

The last 2-3 years the storage fees in the boatyards have become sufficiently lower compared to what was charged before. Most marinas are also willing to negotiate the fees, especially for long-term contracts.

We can not guarantee the lowest prices possible, however, if you follow the procedure that were mentioned above, we can safely ensure you that the work will be done professionally. Therefore, you will get the maximum amount out of the sale of your boat, if you wish to sale it, or just that it will be delivered on time, fully maintained for your next trip.

Here are a few samples of what renovated boats look like:

Teak decks replacement on a Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 52.2
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