I have always loved boating, dreamed about adventures around the world. As I closed in on my 60th birthday I decided to focus on my dream. I looked at sailboats and decide on the brand to fit my needs. Purchasing a Sailboat in the US with the market so hot it was challenging to find the sailboat for me. I decided to expand my search and found a sailboat in Greece, contacted a broker, he seemed nice. I consulted brokers in the US and quickly advised not to purchase a boat in Greece, as others have had terrible experiences. I am an adventurous person, so let the adventure begin. Greek law is different than US Law, you just need to be patient. The broker I used is YD Yachts, owner Yiannis, what a guy. Timely: you can set your watch by him, helpful: explains every step, Friend: it is hard to consider people you meet a friend. However, Yiannis is as honest as the morning sunrise, devoted to your needs, understanding the process of purchasing a big-ticket item, and dedicated to the sales process. I consider Yiannis a friend that I trust, now we have lunches, discuss boats, and the beauty of Greece, what a great beginning to my adventure.

Thank you Yiannis

Eric Arthur



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