If you are worried about buying a yacht in Greece, then look no further than Yiannis Drimousis, director of YD Yachts. Yiannis will spend a great deal of time with you and will accompany you whilst viewing of the yachts of your choice and of those he has recommended. Even before you leave the UK he will send you lots of photographs and details that will help you narrow your choices down.

Yachts in Greece are often for sale with more than one broker. The same yacht could be for sale with two or more different brokers and at different prices! In our experience, those boats that have been for sale with YD Yachts have been at the lowest prices with the most accurate and honest descriptions.

The buying process is complex by UK standards but is very secure, with all yachts flying Greek flags being registered on our equivalent of Lloyds A1 registry. Yiannis will provide help and support in locating reliable and efficient people to aid with the purchasing process and the removal of the vessel from the Greek registry. These include your solicitor, surveyors, and qualified technicians for any repairs, maintenance or remedial work you want completed.

In a nutshell, if you want to sail in beautiful scenery and in the clear blue seas of the Greek Islands, start your journey with Yiannis of YD Yachts; you will not be disappointed!

David and Geraldine McCombe – UK


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