What kind of boats do you have for sale and where are they located?

The majority of yachts offered through our website are owned either by individuals or family operated charter companies (owners of 2-10 boats) and they are located in Greece.

This is mainly due to the fact that:

  1. Because of  high competition, the charter boats of this category are usually far better kept and maintained, comparing to the boats owned by the big charter firms.
  2. We know these yachts very well (in many cases, as from “Day One”), and we can send reliable information pertaining to the vessels, prior to the condition survey.

We are also in contact with yacht owners in other destination at East Mediterranean (Turkey, Croatia and Italy), in order to be able to offer more alternatives to potential buyers.

For the boats located out of Greece, we claim to see full condition survey reports and/or reliable information about the present condition (photos mainly up today).

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