Is viewing boats possible at anytime?

The majority of the Greek Flagged boats are being used for charter.

Between early May until late October, the charter boats have charter obligations.

During this period, viewing is not possible because the boats get charters from several locations in Greece.

Even for the ones that remain in the same location, the inspection is not possible, since the owners have very limited time to prepare the boat for the next charter. Most of the times, the next clients are already “on the spot”, pressing for early embarkation.

It is highly recommended to potential buyers do not to make arrangements for viewing boats during this period.

The owners of the private boats, use their boats between early June until late September. Viewing those boats is also quite difficult, since sometimes the location is not easily reachable.

After the end of October, it is definitely the best time for all potential buyers to inspect the boats of their interest, not only because the boats are free from obligations (charter e.t.c) but, most importantly, they will have the time necessary for a more thorough inspection.


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