Can I purchase a yacht under Greek Flag “VAT exempt”?

If the buyer is an EU physical person, the VAT must be paid in Greece, during the procedure for the cancellation of the boat from the Greek Registry.

Holders of non-EU passports (UK Citizen also) with non- EU residence, EU citizen with residence out of EU (with official proofs), and EU yacht charter companies, can purchase a “No VAT Paid” boat under Greek Flag, VAT EXEMPT.

1. For the Non- EU buyers (physical persons and Companies) the additional expenses are 1600 euro for:

i. The exportation fees and the payment of the Customs broker who will undertake this process (exportation) for the buyer.
ii. The payment of the solicitors (who act on behalf of the buyer) for the monitoring of the case, checking all documents, and confirming that the sellers hold ready all documentation for the cancellation of the boat from the Greek Registry. They will also undertake the translation of the Deletion Certificate in English and the process to get the seal Apostille on this document (if necessary).
iii. The process so they buyer to get the Transit Log from the Greek Customs after the buyer gets the new registration, and all documents related (as the same will become non-EU flagged boat).

The Transit Log (in some countries they call it “Temporary Importation”) is VERY IMPORTANT document and is directly related to the “VAT EXEMPT” process (more details on request)

2. EU VAT Registered yacht charter companies can purchase any boat under Greek Flag with status “VAT exempt”, on condition the INTRA- EUROPEAN UNION TRADE rules are fulfilled.

For EU yacht charter companies and EU physical persons, the additional cost (for the payment of the solicitors) is ~700 euro since there is no need for the boat to be exported.

IN ALL CASES, the boat can leave the present location in Greece, ONLY after is deleted from the Greek Registry, and the buyer gets Transit Log from the Greek Customs (for the non-EU flagged boats).


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