What a Yacht Broker does?

We understand that a potential buyer would want to be absolutely certain regarding the validity of the information that is listed, especially in such a big and sometimes confusing market.

Prior to listing a boat for sale, we always check the ownership, to make sure that the seller has the marketable title and the right to sell the boat.

The broker must provide the potential buyer information related to the aesthetical part of the boat and, if the broker is quite experienced, information about any defects may have been detected by the broker during his visit to the boat.

Most sellers describe their boats (usually) as “excellent”, “immaculate” or use similar words.

So, it is very important for the broker to make a preliminary inspection to the boat, prior to listing for sale.

It is an absolutely loss of time and money for the potential buyer (and also for the broker) to have a neglected or/and unseaworthy boat listed for sale.

Furthermore, after evaluating the present state of the boat, we can safely advise the sellers for a reasonable asking price.

We have inspected, physically, the vast majority of the boats that are listed for sale with us.

For the ones that are not inspected by us, we ask from the seller a full report of the present condition of the boat or/and photos from “critical points”, validating the sea worthiness. In any case we always inform the potential buyers that we have not inspected these boats ourselves.

The information we provide the potential buyers is true and correct, and the photos shown in our lists are from the actual boats (with the name of the boat), not from sister ships or brochures, unless it is specifically mentioned otherwise.

On this point, we must make clear that a yacht broker IS NOT the person who will give any kind of guarantee to potential buyers, that the boat is free from structural defects (or hidden defects), or if the equipment is in working condition.

The SELLERS must be aware of a basic rule: what is listed in the inventory provided to the Broker MUST be in working condition. There is no meaning of listing an Autopilot, not working, or a plotter with “dead” Screen!!!!!!

It is always for the potential buyer to hire a qualified surveyor to conduct a condition survey in the boat (s) that he is interested in. We highly recommend all potential buyers to do so.

Like this, they will have the best possible knowledge of the real condition of the boat and will proceed safely to a realistic offer.

What kind of boats do you have for sale and where are they located?

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